Teras Nyemil


It’s common sense that Indonesians love to sit on a porch (teras) and just relax while eating their favorite food and watch the day go by. Last week we got the chance to review this small, but cozy and interesting cafe. Just like the name indicates Teras Nyemil – or in english snacking porch – is a cafe inspired by the simplicity and that homey atmosphere you get when you eat at home.


Teras Nyemil has a variety of snacks and small desserts that will tingle your taste buds and are really easy to carry if you order is as a take away. Some of their delicacies that we got the chance to taste are

img_8636This soft banana that is coated with super delicious chocolate and sprinkled with marshmallows, choco chips, crackers and nuts will get you craving for more. We never tasted a chocolate banana that was so delicious and had the right amount of sweetness.


Mojibulb is a Mojito + Mocktail with a unique packaging which is called a bulb. We think it’s called a bulb because it kinda looks like a light bulb haha. And the interesting part is that if we buy this drink, we can take home the glass free of charge and can be used again to refill your mojibulb with a cheaper price!

Overall we think that this place is a recommended go to spot with your friends if you happen to be in Bandung, because the food is at the right price and it’s a cozy place to chill and hangout. Interested yet? You go check the address and their contact info below 🙂

🏡 Teras Nyemil
📍 Riau Street, accross  Warung Misbar
💰Price range: 8k – 25k
💎Ig: @terasnyemil