H Gourmet & Vibes (Jakarta)


We have  heard that in this street, theres are a lot of cafes and restaurants with good food and a cozy place, but we feel that H Gourmet and Vibes is the most that make us curious although the place is quite mysterious but the atmosphere is very unique.

H Gourmet and Vibes theme is 70s in New York, How coll is that J and so many things, and decorations about New York even the menu is still about food that ussualy eat in 70s by factory workers. The owner said to us that he want to tell people how they eat in a very short lunch time so they only eat some food like hotdog, burgers. And others.

And yap finally, here’s alll the menu that we tasted :



– Philly Cheese

– Benny and Joon The Bacon Mania (Beef)

from the two menus, we like that the bacon because  the portions was big and since we really like cheese, the cheese also very yummy and creamy :p


– Fresh Apple Cinnamon

– Kiwi Mint Cooler

– Pom Pom (orange)

– Spring Breeze


All drinks containing fruit and the drink is fresh in my throat, other than that it’s also no sour anyway 🙂 and also the one that Mint is good to for diet! So if you want to visit Jakarta for some culinary travel you should come to here and enjoy the 70s vibes in your eyes.


H Gourmet & Vibes

Gunawarman street no. 41 (3rd Floor)

Phone: (+6221) 27510167

Instagram: @hgourmetvibes