Le Delice Bakery Patissiere


If you are looking for a cafe and restaurant in Bandung where the atmosphere comfortable, and feels like in the garden, we have a recommendation for you. This cafe has a decor that is very sweet and lovely. The place is themed gardens, you can feel what it’s like having a picnic in the garden because they provided a special place if you want to eat with an atmosphere having a picnic in the garden with carpet and also they have a lot of decoration that can be used for photo properties.

This place is not so big, and the visitors who come very crowded, but Le Delice will open a cafe to expand the room to the rear. So eat become more comfortable. One thing is the appeal of this place is because the place is so sweet, many events are held here such as birthday parties and even wedding ceremony. cool!


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SO, enough about the look of the cafe, now let’s move on to review the food. The food that they served here is very diverse. In fact they are constantly issuing new menu. Here’s all the menu that we tasted :

  • MAC & Cheese hotdog 

Hotdog with sausage and macaroni cheese sauce. With additional  fried fries salad. What a perfect food to accompany you while afternoon. love the meat and the macaroni so much!


Mac & Cheese Hotdog


  • Fried Filling Mushroom

The ball contents savory mushrooms and crunchy, and the drink is memory drink with dragon fruit, its color is gorgeous and definitely healthier. The dragon fruit was so nice, sweet and fresh! even when we looked at the color, made we want to drink it immediately !



  • In addition there is also bakery that sell a variety of breads, cakes. you can choose which you like

Here there is a wide variety of cakes that you can choose from such as chocolate, vanilla, green tea, cheese and many more. Which flavor do you choose? in general, the cake here was very soft and you do not have to eat the whole cake but you can buy just 1 slice so you can pick more than 1 flavor 😛





  • Chicken Ratatouille

If you don’t want to eat too much but just want to chillin, we think that this is the perfect snack for you because the texture is not really big but it’s crunchy, crispy and the sauce is realllyyy good! 😀 don’t share this with anyone LOL


Chicken Ratatouille


  • Cappuccino and Cherry cream brulle

This one is a coffee addict edition, look at the top of the coffee, isn’t it cuteeeeeee? you can ask to draw any picture so your meal time become more happier with this cute coffee, and also as the side dish, we tasted the ice cream “Cherry Cream Brulle” from Le Delice just a simple ice cream with delicious and fresh flavour. with some cherry on the top of the 



  •  Chicken Rica And Tortilla Baked Meat Sauce

When you always want to eat rice to make your belly full, just order this Chicken Rica with rice, the chicken is so good with good texture and the vegetables. And then we have Tortilla Baked Meat Sauce that we love so much, In fact we love macaroni so much, this meat maybe looks not enough but we think it can be improve soon.


  • Fish Finger Nachos

Another snack time with our favorite meal, to be honest, the sauce is realllly good and salty but we loved it! this nachos has some vegetables and fish inside so you just eat it with your finger and put it into your mouth! 😀


Fish Finger Nachos


AND THE BEST THING, THEY HAVE SOME PROMO FOR STUDENT! if you have any student card, please bring that to here and you will get 10% DISCOUNT! YASSS!!! so what are you waiting for? Just come to this place, enjoy the ambiance and the food, take a picture and please share with us in our Instagram @caferesto_bdg and you’ll get a regram from us 😀 
We love to share so we think that this place deserve 4 stars from us 🙂


Le Delice Cafe 👒
🏡 At Jl. Guntur No. 22, Bandung
– Open daily:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm
💰 Price range: 10k – 50k
📷 Instagram: @ledelicecafe