Enjoy the city view of Bandung from above

So everyone of you already know that Bandung has one location that there are many cafes and restaurants, which are located high and has a nice view and that location is at Dago Pakar. But, do you feel bored with it? Well we have 1 new cafe that has an amazing view too. If you want to have a lunch, dinner, a date, family event or even a party but you dont want to have that in a place that too noisy and expensive, so we think that this place gonna be the right option.


Ludwick Cafe, is the name of this place. It’s located in Setiabudi, Budi Luhur Street. The cafe is in the rooftop, floor 3-4. On 3rd floor, you can see the view is amazing, the cafe pretty much huge and also this cafe has a wifi and electric plug too. On 4 th floor, this place maybe quite recommended for couple because the view getting more amazing, the ambience is romantis with the city light is you come when night. Also, Ludwick has a telescope and you can use that for take a look closer to the view.


Foodjunkie, don’t be sad because they have a photo spot too, yeay! So the them of this cafe is about “under construction” they have 1 spot with some property so you can use that as you please.

Despite its location in the city, and its place surrounded by a nice view, it turns out the food provided here is not expensive guys! What a relief 😀  This cafe is so affordable. Overall, the food we tasted here has a good flavor and the portions are worth it according to the price. here’s the list of foods that we tasted :


Beef steak: beef tenderloin, french fries, brokoli, carrot and sweet corn


  • Spaghetti Stroganoff 🍝

Such a moodbooster !! 😆 Chewy Pasta spaghetti  coupled with pieces of beef and vegetables wrapped in a crunchy flour, a perfect combination!


  • Fish & Chips

Dori fish fillet fried in flour with sauce salad and french fries 😋😋 good food with good view 👍


  • Ludwick’s Pancake

Colorful pancake with ice cream and jelly. Sharing this menu with friends that you love such a great moment 🙂


  • “Napolistana Noodle”

Fried noodles with sweet spicy sauce! soft noodles, the sauce evenly and to stay healthy, we ordered a fresh strawberry juice.


  • Fried banana & ice cream 🍌🍦

The fried bananas with crispy flour plus a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and jelly 😋


  • Chicken Popeye

Such a moodbooster banget!! 😆 fried chicken breast filled with flour and smoked beef, coupled with spaghetti spinach.

So that’s all about the review and we hope this will help ypu to find a good place to hangout in Bandung. See you in next time 🙂


Ludwick Cafe ⚠🚧
At Jl. Budi Luhur 1 No. 11B, Gegerkalong – Bandung
⏰ Open daily: 7 am – 10pm
💰 Price range: 10k – 45k
📷 IG: @ludwickcafe


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/caferesto_bdg/

Thank you ^_^