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Welcoming this long weekend, what is your plans? Maybe holiday and culinary in Bandung City? If you are confused, in this article we will give you one of the hotel that could be your choice to stay with your family while in Bandung.

The hotel is already well known from ancient times, when our first president was Mr. Soekarno. He also stayed here! the name is the Savoy Homann Hotel. You must know this hotel, as it was already established from long ago. We have an opportunity to stay here and feel how the food in there.

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Our Room

At first, we think that staying here is expensive because of its strategic location and close to tourist attractions in Asia Afrika Street where tourists and people visiting for a vacation and culinary. But…. Apparently not, the price of staying here is arguably even cheaper than other hotels, and the location is also close to the tourist center.

We look at several types of rooms that available here. One of them is the room that Mr. Soekarno, and our president now, Mr. Jokowi ever stay. Wow we were so happy to be able to feel the experience that they also feel. HERE SOME PICTURE :

As you can see, the room has Jacuzzi, there are 2 bed room, 1 living room, 2 bathroom, and the view is directly to Asia Afrika Street. Great view and of course the room is so awesome. Perhaps most young people today prefer to stay in a luxury hotel and with a Western style and look, but why we dont try to a traditional ones?? our culture is amazing, and we have to keep it, right ? 🙂

Okey, we will not talk about the room and others, let’s move on to the restaurant. Garden Restaurant, Restaurant with the feel of a garden adorned with trees and native plants will accompany your breakfast, lunch or dinner. With national and international cuisine high flavor that will arouse your appetite.

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The restaurant is great, all the breakfast menu was set and complete. There are a lot menu traditional and western, Traditional is like “Nasi Kuning” and others menu like pastry, porridge, bread, waffle, omelet, cereal, rice, salad, etc. All buffet and you can eat what you want.  Overall we love all the breakfast menu here, because  we feel the traditional ambiance, with the Sundanese music in the restaurant, to be honest, we love traditional more 😛


Our breakfast was great! and full :p

We had some porridge, bread with some butter, Nasi Kuning, ceral and salad. We finish all 😀 okey maybe not all but almost 😛 We love how the porridge was so soft, how we call Kerupuk in English? maybe crackers ? yeah they have many option of crackers, about 5 option, made us so confused because Indonesian people love crackers (Kerupuk) as the side dish 😛





Moving on to the regular and ala carte menu, let’s start with appetizer, we had this delicious Button Mushroom Cappuccino Soup, it’s pure mushroom with frothy milk cream, focaccia olive, and garlic bread.


Savoy homann hotel_1258



Then we had this Homann Cesar Salad, which is mix green of romain lettuce, iceberg lettuce with Caesar dressing parmesan grated and then grilled shrimp marinated.


Savoy homann hotel_3402

Caesar Salad

For the main course, we had Salmon Steak, we love salmon steak so yeeaayyy!! this is pan seared 180gr fresh salmon with spaghetti  basil pesto pasta, and ratatouille vegetables. Love the salmon and the sauce so much! This salmon was big and the meat is so big too, we can just eat this and get fat :p


And finally! our favorite time, LOL we can’t stop eating !! for the dessert, we had Warm Chocolate Cake. A Chocolate cake that already bake and with the vanilla ice cream was perfect! look at the circle chocolate 😦 made it more beautiful and soooo amazing, the chocolate was so smooth and soft, also delicious, OH God please forgive us to have so many sweet in this meal heheheSavoy homann hotel_2873

You guys, we recommend this hotel to stay in Bandung on your holiday, beside you can enjoy the traditional ambiance, you dont have to walk or drive to be able to walk in Asia Afrika street that already well know to their photo spot and old bulding from the heritage side.

Please let us know how do you feel about this review, and we’ll meet again in next review, don’t forget to check all the review about cafe and resto in Bandung on our instagram account, HERE

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