What do you guys know about Setiabudi street?

Sure you usually know in this area there is the famous mall Paris Van Java (PVJ) then there are a few hotels recommended nearby, a place for massage and relaxation or you usually only pass this way to travel and vacation to Lembang?

Apparently there are still a lot place that you can find here, along the way Setiabudhi you can find there are so many culinary things with legendary menu that you may not know in advance.

Not only in the way Setiabudi, at Bungur Street, which is located close to Setiabudi, we will tell you  an interesting place to hang out, it’s a quite hidden place, yet have a convenient place to visit.

District 29 Eatery & Drinks. Yep true, because it is located in Bungur Street No. 29 so it’s named like that, you can walk or ride a car (parking available) here, cafe / restaurant is located on the left side.

The theme of this cafe as a theme in ancient times but there are still shades of the industry, vintage styles can be encountered when entering, there are photos of Marilyn Monroe made creations form such a yarn.

Nuances in it as well as black and white, but still nuanced like in our home with the garden, and the funny thing is there is also a rabbit running around in the park. Other fun things is you will find a game machine “Dart” that is currently popular in Bandung, you can play games with your friends with pay 10k for 1x game by throwing as much as approximately 10 times.

Original Brick Toast

Toasted Bread with ice cream topping

District 4 post_323

Original brick toast

District Roasted Chicken🐓🐓🐓 !!
  5 roasted drumsticks served with rice🍚 and tomato sauce!
This is a new menu again from @ district_29. 🍗 chicken with seasoning permeated with flavors perfectly sweet

The menu offered here a wide variety from Indonesia there is fried rice, to westerns such as pasta, and others. But what makes us always want to come back here is they have a creamy pasta menu with a lot of cheese, we like cheese ( a lot) 😛

District 4 post_7208

Fish n Chips

Potato au gratin

Creamy and Cheesy potato dish with smoked beef

District 4 post_7665

Potato au gratin

MCR Meat Lovers 😍

Butter rice with beef meat cuts that creamery, sausage and mozzarella cheese on top 😍😍 tasty, savory, creamy taste of the cheese is also tasteless

District 4 post_397

MCR Meat Lovers


If you are curious about what the menu here, after reading our review of this, and you are still not satisfied? Come directly to the address indicated below.

📍 District 29 Eatery & Drinks 
Jl. Bungur no 29, Bandung.
⌚Open daily: 10.00-23.00 (mon-thur), 10.00-00.00 (fri-sun)
💸Price Range 8k-70k
👉IG: @district_29