[New Place In Town] 56 Degrees Bandung

Paskal Hypersquare, this  area is famous for many cafes and restaurants. There are many interesting places to just hangout, dinner and of course as you know, Paskal Hypersquare is well known as so many Pokemon and Poke Stop here 😛

We heard there is a cafe that just opened recently,  cafe with a cozy place and maybe for you guys who like take a picture, the decoration is pretty much minimalist. 56 Degrees Bandung, an artisan comfort food. If you see from the outside this cafe is a shop with  4 floors, but if you go inside, the decor and ambiance was comfortable and the service was also very good. The waiter and waitress was friendly, and explains well how about the food.



In Every floor you can enjoy a different atmosphere. If you’re smoking, the rooftop can be your choice. Additionally, the the floors under was also very convenient.

The characteristic of the food here, they made all the food and drink to be beautiful with its beautiful plating, using a few elements of the leaves and flowers.

Of course, a good plating could bring a great picture too. Well,without any further let’s begin with the food:



🍽Caesar salad (39,5k);

Traditional caesar salad is served with sous vide chicken breast, panko fried egg, toasted sourdough, drizzled with caesar dressing. Therefore is not only a gorgeous plating, it was delicious! healthy menu for those who like the salad, we all know Caesar salad is a classic salad menu healthy and fit with anyone.


Chicken Parma (55k)

Deep fried chicken breast in a panko crust and melted mozzrella on top of cauliflower puree, braised sweet and sour cabbage.



Japanese Style Grilled Corn (27,5k)

Griled corn served with our version of melted Mentai, topped with salted popcorn. Wow, this menu was new to us, usually eat only whole corn with a little spice and eaten with the hands, but this time was different, very tasty sauce and create a new dining experience.




Mangonut (25K)

Mango yakult topped with homemade coconut sorbet. We love this! Very fresh especially for hot weather, and the best part is they made their own ice cream (homemade) so it’s unique and has its own characteristics.

Jasmine and Passion Fruit Fizz (24,5k)

The drink was very fresh, you can feel the scent of jasmine in it, because there are actually jasmine in this drink. Gave a sweet aroma and fresh.



Mango Pannacotta (35k)

Our seasonal pannacotta served with dried coconut, diced mango, and coconut sorbet. The dough is soft and with a bit of coconut flavor, very tasty and worth it with the price and of course with a beautifull plating as well.


If you are confused how to get into this cafe, you can use google maps and direction to Paskal Hyperquare, go inside where there are lots of shops and you will see 56 degrees on the right side, the parking area is huge  and of course you can find so many Pokestop too here 😛


At 56 Degrees Cafe
🏠 Paskal Hyper square B-69
💶 Price range : 8-115k
Opening hours : 8am-11pm (weekdays). 8am-12am (weekend)

🔹Follow IG : @56degrees.cafe

❗discount 20% off all foods during breakfast (8-11am).

️join photo competition with prizes meal voucher (for details check at IG @ 56degrees.cafe) and get a FREE ice cream with photo uploads your food there ️.