Warunk Segood: Delicious & Cheap Food, Strategic Location.



You want to eat and hang out near the mall, but want a cheap food?

We know the answer, if you know along the Cihampelas street is so many shops selling souvenirs, clothes, food, snacks, and there is a big well known mall, Cihampelas Walk are also there. Warunk Segood located next to Mangkok Manis and in a very strategic location.

After a long day of shopping for clothes and souvenirs and you feel hungry? But your money is run out? In warunk segood  you can find cheap food and drink. Prices of food and beverages ranging from 4 thousand to 30 thousand and above. Although cheap, but it’s also delicious.


The food menu here mostly mild and salty like seblak, bread, noodles, and others. Warunk segood also famous for its spicy menu that is very, very spicy and seductive. We highly recommend you guys who want to challenge yourself to eat spicy here, and claw menu is also very tasty! Services here also satisfactory and of course great wifi!


The menu that we tried here was:
Food :
Mix Meatball (18,5K)
Inside was a cracker dumplings, meatballs, fried meatballs, tofu and sauce were tasty and warm fit to be enjoyed in the chilly afternoon after the rain.



Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice (29K)

Typical Indonesian food is fried rice, if you want to eat something that makes your stomach full, this fried rice was tasty, unfortunately the rice was a little bit dry.



Beef steak black pepper sauce (35K)

A beef meat turn into steak with some vegetables like corn, and a little bit potato. Just a simple steak, with a affordable price. Although the taste was not so amazing but it’s might be good choice for student.


Drinks :
Blue ocean (18,5k): fresh drink most widely also in order here, with the vanilla ice cream on top. High glass but cheap and the portions are big enough.


Oreo frappe 16,5K

Who does not love oreo serve into fresh drinks? Oreo cold served with ice cream, the right choice for you after eat spicy food.



Warunk Segood 🍴

🏠 Cihampelas No.103 Bandung

⌚ Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 12.00-23.00, Friday and Saturday 12.00-00.00

📞 Phone: 081808536006

💰 Price Range : 4-35k

👉 Follow their IG @warunksegood