Dusun Bambu is very popular recreation area in Bandung. Who doesn’t know Dusun Bambu? We’ve been here for a couple of times, every year there must be changes here from the increasing number of outdoor activity, and food culinary. To get to this place, you guys have to set your location destination to Dusun Bambu on your google maps, the road is  quite difficult because the road is still a lot of holes and uphill. But you would be  happy with the sights along the way, so cool and filled with trees so relaxaxing!!


When arrived, you have to pay admission to your vehicle. If you come by car, you have to pay 15 thousand rupiah, bike 10 thousand rupiah, and 25 thousand rupiah for buses and mini buses. The tickets will you pay when you get out of Dusun Bambu. After that, you will see the parking lot is spacious enough for your vehicle. The counter inside the next, you need to pay each 15 thousand rupiah on weekdays and 20 thousand rupiah for the weekend and national holidays, these tickets and tickets for the vehicle can also be redeemed for plant seeds. You also need to keep the tickets to go home and can be exchange with a mineral water from Dusun Bambu.

We think this is a new system, because when we come here last year, we just pay the parking, maybe some of you think this is a bit expensive and difficult because we have to pay many times but when you look inside, so much activity and natural beauty you can enjoy, this all will be worth it.

After pay that, you will be boarding a vehicle for pick-up at each location that you want to go (no need to pay again) and it’s quite unique and fun, you do not need walk again and you dont want because Dusun Bambu area was damn huge.

Advice from us, it is better to come on weekdays as the weekend, the place is very crowded and you may be not so much fun or maybe you can come from the early morning so you can enjoy all the location.


We are quite familiar with the locations at Dusun Bambu, but what make us curious is how the food and culinary. Years ago when we came at Dusun Bambu was recently opened, they have not so many food and culinary that recommended here, it is now highly developed! There are several places here to eat. In addition to enjoying a variety of traditional cuisine in the Food court, there is also CAFE Burangrang where more fancy foods that you can enjoy.





Cafe Burangrang has a diverse menu themed Indonesian, the cafe atmosphere is very convenient especially for families, there are plenty of places to sit on a chair, sofa until a semi sofa and mattress if you want to relax. And WOW you can also book for a meal to enjoy in the the lake! Cafe Burangrang is very welcome to everyone who wants to held a lunch meeting here. There are many facilities for companies here.

Well now, we will talk about the food. What we order here are:


🍴 Tofu with Chili and Pepper Salt

Best  tofu with chilli salt so far that we know😋 Tofu with premium quality, large portions and not so spicy, tofu served with chillies and salt is being popular nowadays, the food is good to be accompanied in the afternoon with coffee if you like coffee, or your favorite juice. We love this so much and recommended.

IMG_7305 (1)


Cikur Cijanggel Rice

aromatic ginger fried rice, served with friend chicken, bean cake, bean curd and crackers. If you like food with huge portions, this is very large and enough for one person if want have a lunch to satisfy your belly. A complete menu with traditional Indonesia. The rice is not hard and the chicken was great.



Salt Sour Ribs Soup

Spicy, hot and sour soup beef ribs served with rice and vegetable stamed crackers. The ribs was great, we love the sauce and also quite healthy with the vegetables.




Tape Rang Rang 

Tape Rang Rang is like a cake, tapai or tape  is a traditional fermented food and it has a alcoholic tasted but not too bitter. the tape was so soft and delicious of course with the cheese and chocolate in there. The ice cream also make this dish complete, a dessert but traditional edition.  






Ginger mix with milk, if some of you dpn’t like to drink ginger, the milk will be better and of course its healthy because ginger has many benefits to our body, one of them is warmed ourselves.


Bandrek is the traditional beverage of Indonesia as well, we drank a couple of times when we feel pain, body heat or a little dizzy, Bandrek make the body warm and healthy. Do not forget to drink it  warm.


Bajigur is a hot and sweet beverage native to the Sundanese people of West Java.  The main ingredients are coconut milk and palm sugar. The drink is also very suitable for body heat, especially if you’re sick, a unique taste and is also easy to make at home. Also there are a unique taste in there from the spices.

Doger ice

If you want to have dessert or ice during the hot day, “Es Doger” is the most perfect for you. Doger ice is also known as cold drinks typical of Bandung. Doger ice is an Indonesian coconut milk-based beverage shaved ice with pinkish color. Inside there are a variety of elements, coconuts, ice, milk, jelly, and others. You can feel how the wealth of culinary Indonesia only in one drink.


Curug Cijanger

The drinks menu is a typical recipe from Burangrang Cafe Dusun Bambu, a  several elements such as blackberry , pineapple , honey lime juice very fresh, like there is a sweet and sour taste but very balanced, When you drink it at hot day, it’s very freshy :p


If you want to enjoy other things here, such as hotels, camping, eating in a restaurant with a theme like a nest, or enjoy lunch at the lake, you can make a call to them to make a reservation or ask more information. Dusun Bambu also always hold some competitions and exciting events there, so please stay tuned to their website or social media.



🏡 Cafe Burangrang @ Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

📍 Kolonel Masturi Km 11, West Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Instagram @Dusun_Bambu

💰Food 25K-97K

💰Drink 8k-37k

📞 phone: 022-82782020

Website : dusunbambu.com