Saisan Japanese Cuisine (Bandung)



Hey foodjunkies! Raise your hands if you’re a Japanese food lovers 😀 Yes we do love Japanese food, and in Bandung there are a lot of Japanese restaurant that we’ve already reviewed. Saisan Japanese Cuisine is located in Hegarmanah Street, as you know this are yeah maybe you know as kind of “elite” area because there are so many big and luxury house in here. But, there are also some cafe and restaurant in here that you might never know.



– Salmon Wafuni 

Boiled salmon served in shoyu. The Shoyu was a little bit sweet, we prefer salt, but it’s okay because the salmon was good 😀


– Sushi Platter

A complete variants of sushi that you can enjoy, usually this is for a catering such for wedding, brithday or other. You order this to give a unique menu in your event it’s good and delicious, and also you can pick any kind of sushi that you want, just costumize it.


– Gyoza Ramen

It’s a new menu from them, a ramen with  2 gyoza, dumplings filled with meat and vegetables and wrapped. This ramen also has 2 Narutomaki as you know usually in any kind of ramen. The ramen was really good, the noodles also and the smell was delicious 😀


– Salom Kaorimeshi

Sliced grilled salmon served over rice with seaweed topping. The rice was under the salmon and this is enough for 1 person, normally portion. The tasted was salt, we add some salt shoyu to add a little bit flavor 😛


-Jyu Jyu Steak Set 🍱
Grilled beef slice with vegetables and Teppanyaki sauce was delicious! And of course the meat was also juicy! We recommended this.


-Mini Tepan Gozen 🍱

Grilled Australian beef, with shrimp and fish, also the vegetables. The Australian beef was really thick and soft.
BOTH set was include miso soup, egg steam, dan rice so it’s perfect and complete! Super OISHIIII~ 😋👍🏼




-Midori Soda (left)

This is a fresh drink, with kiwi fruit inside and mix with soda.

-Leachy Mojito (right)

We love any kind of leachy drinks, well maybe it’s because leachy is always perfect for a drinks? And this one is mix with Mint leaves and there is a little bit sour flavor in there. But it’s fresh by the way and this portion can be for 2 person.



Overall, we love to eat in here, the price maybe a little bit high, but it’s also nice having a lunch or dinner with some occasion like meeting, lunch meeting, dinner with family or just hang out with friens. Because guess what? You can also take a picture in here because yeah the decorations and theme was very unique and really Japanese.


SAISAN Cuisine 🎌
📍 Hegarmanah Street No. 28, Bandung
⏰ Open daily: 11am – 10pm
💸 Price range: 15k – 285k

RSVP : (022) 2033296

 email :

FB : saisancuisine
📷 IG: @saisancuisine