Makan Doeloe Food Court, 300 Menu!



No matter how many times we eat international food, we always come back to Indonesian food again, because Indo food is the best, they have many flavor and variants. In one evening in Bandung, we come to this Food Court that newly opened in near Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung, the place is very easly found because they have the big sign in there, the place is “MAKAN DOELOE” or in English is “EAT FIRST” since we easily bored with western food again, then we tried some menu here.

They have all Indonesian especially West Java food and it was nice to eat here. There are 300 menus that we can choose and guess what, on the 2nd floor, all menu is 20k WOW, so cheap but also we thought maybe the food was not so worth it or the tasted will be just like usual but turn out the food was nice, there are some menu like Timbel rice or noodles that we can choose and the portion was enough too even this location has a wifi in there so maybe it’s a good place to meeting or do some task to while have a coffee.


SO FOODJUNKIES, in this post we will write the name of the food with BAHASA because we want to keep the originality and the traditional side. We tasted from 4 tenants :

  • Nasi Timbel Wida


As you know, Nasi Timbel is a Sundanese food came from West Java. Nasi Timbel  is a steamed rice usually wrapped inside a banana leaf. But for this time it’s a different look, Nasi Timbel is always a complete dish which is equipped with a side dish such as tofu, noodles, fish, chicken or any else. It’s always a perfect dish for lunch to fully your belly 😛

All of the “Nasi Timbel” here was good, one of them is served with “Tutug Oncom” the traditional dish from West Java also. And the other is with chicken. They are complete with the tofu, rice, and Tempeh or fermented soybean.

🍚Nasi timbel tutug oncom

🍚Nasi timbel ayam serundeng



  • Cirebonan Nok Ayu

If you read all our post in this blog, you must know that we’ ve  been visit Cirebon city on a culinary tour there. Cirebon also famous with all the amazing culinary there. So we tasted the Cirebon food in here.

🍚 Empal Gentong

Empal Gentong is the famous Cirebon food that you have to tried. It’s a beef meat that cooked usually in kind of stove or traditional ways in some place. It’s usually eat with just rice or steamed rice, also served with a some curry sauce. The smell was very good and it’s perfect if you eat this while still hot and in the cold weather so it’s really warm you.


🍚 Mie Koclok

This is also a recommended dish from Cirebon. It’s like a chicken noodle soup and the texture was like porridge but with vegetables, boiled egg or other variant. We think it’s also has somre coconut milk. Why Mie Koclok? Mie is noodle and Koclok means like shaking because the noodle cooked with shaking it and put it into the hot boiled water. (correct we if we are wrong).


  • Dapur Semarang



🍚 Nasi Ayam Semarang

Look at the picture below, it’s a mix rice with some meat, chicken, tofu and boiled egg also vegetables, it’s a Indonesian people usually eat and it’s normally and the tasted was just like usual. Same with next dish maybe the presentation, the looks can be more prettier and without that mayonnaise o the top.


🍚 Lontong Cap Go Meh

This is like a Chinese food but in Indonesian version. Lontong is rice but made in to like a shape but foreign maybe know it as rice cake. Served with boiled egg, and chicken. We don’t really love this as much the other because well, maybe the looks can be more prettier than this.

  • Aneka Soto Bu Hartono


🍚 Soto Betawi

Soto is a Indonesian food, it’s like a soup but with some dish like noodles, meat inside. Soto Betawi is from Jakarta. It’s a soup with beef meat, cooked with a coconut milk and don’t forget the potato and tomato. It’s really delicious! :p


🍚 Nasi Gudeg Campur

It’s a mix rice from Yogyakarta, Central Java. Usually Gudeg is served just the Jack Fruit but in this food, it’s mix with chicken, rice, egg and some vegetables or what we called as “Lalapan” it was nice and the flavor was a little bit sweet because Gudeg is a kind of sweet dish but it’s delicious.


🍴Makan Doeloe Food Court🍴
📍Pajajaran Street 136 Bandung
⏰Open 10AM-10PM
📞reservasi : 0226012018
❗️Promo: buy 1 get 1 for DRINKS (coffee, tea, juice) until  Nov 2016