Eightfully Milk and Coffee Bar

Hello Foodjunkie  on this post, we want to share a good cafe in Bandung with all cheap menu and perfectly for student or collage student. Of course sometimes we want to eat delicious dish but with affordable price, it’s kind a hard way to find that in Bandung because nowadays we think cafe and resto in Bandung is really grow up and selling their signature dish with high price, because they also sell the ambiance and decorations.



But, good news everybody, dont worry if you want to make your belly full 😛 and with friendly price, you can come to Eightfully Milk and Coffee Bar. It’s located in Pagarsih street as you know this street is quite crowded with many shop. Find this cafe was a little bit difficult for us, the cafe was not really visible from the street so you must be careful to find it.




Eightfully has known with their milk because they sell many flavor of milk that recommended. The milk was good and health. it’s a recommended place to hangout.


– Chicken wing miyabi

Our all time favorite 😛 dont know why but chicken wing always the best snack LOL and this is a chicken wing call Miyabi, don’t know why they named it that way but it was delicious and crunchy and you can choose the sauce too with 9 option.


– Stopan Fried Rice

Another good food, we recommended this. It’s for you that love spicy food, this fried rice has beautiful color it you look to the presentation. They have 3 flavor that you can choose (green chili, turmeric, and red chili) and the portion was enough for 2 person, dont eat it alone please because sharing is good J  don’t worry, you can request for the level of spicy too.



– Indomie Tinju Goreng

Well,. Another spicy dish this time maybe our head with blow up with fire so much 😛 as you know a noodle especially Indomie is a never ending and can be wrong food in any time. It’s always a favorite for Indonesian people. Eightfully makes it with touch of spicy. You can choose how spicy it is and inside there is a sunny side up with spicy chicken.



– Nasi goreng bistik ayam

Rice with delicious chicken and also kind of sweet sauce, vegetables and some cracker beside. This was tasty too.




With all the spiciness food above, we think that it’s perfect to balance and decrease that with sweet drinks. And all this drinks have cute look with some topping on the top. The other is a hazelnut coffee with great taste, it was ordinary just like others latte. The Green tea was so sweet and better to share that with friends if you dont want get too sweet. The topping was a little bread and some kitkat green tea. The other one is Oreo, favorite topping, with some oreo and the drink, we think it’s a taro flavor. But overall it’s good but maybe a little bit sweet but yeah, since it’s a “NOWADAYS” kind of drinks. 😛

Hazelnut latte


Green tea and Oreo

After tasted of their food, we think we want to come back here again to tasted again the noodle and fried rice also the milk. One thing, they have wifi so we can enjoy hangout while do our blog in here.  Thank you Eightfully 🙂 

Eightfully 🍽
🏠 Pagarsih Street No. 120, Bandung
⌚ 10am – 11pm (sun-wed): 10am-12am (thur-sat)
💰Price : 3k – 30k
👉Follow their IG : @eightfully