Marfee “Martabak & Coffee Bar” Bandung


Who doesn’t love Martabak? Indonesian people must be love this. If you’re not an Indonesian, let us tell you what  Martabak IS. It’s like a stuffed pancake, that usually can be found in some country in Asia. People made it from bread and fried it in the pan and also with many various of filling. In Indonesia you can found there are 2 variant of Martabak, the one that sweet with many filling and the other is with salty flavor with egg and meat.

In Bandung, there are many different Martabak and especially this one. We heard a lot about this, some people said that this one is good and recommended because the taste was good, and also the location was very strategic. It’s MARFEE “Martabak and Coffee Bar”



From the name, you know they have coffee too, which is also the best side dish to balance the sweetness from the Martabak. Yes, the location is strategic, it’s beside “Secret Factory Outlet” in Riau Street, the most famous street with many Factory Outlet and Boutique in Bandung, so it’s easy to find it and if you walk along the street to shopping, then it’s perfect to have snack or rest in MARFEE.


What we like from this place, it’s located in 2nd floor of “Rumah Sosis” maybe this place was not too big but in the 2nd floor, the view was so good! You can see all the Riau street and also if you got lucky, you can see a few plane in several times that landing in a closer look because the airport is not too far from Riau street.

Now let’s move on to the menu that we tasted. What we have here :

Pandan Gulung Classic



Look at the filling inside, so tempting! It’s a classic martabak that we can find in here, Martabak with Pandan flavor is the most popular in Indonesian too. But, you can see from the picture it’s a new technique, the martabak was rolled, with the filling that we choose was chocolate, peanut and cheese, but the most popular filling was with corn. It’s also delicious. This one really recommended, the portion was big and enough for 2-3 person if you want to share with others.


Martabak with 6 flavor

Well, this one is our favorite too! We can’t handle the good looking of this martabak, we took many picture this time, it’s so colorful and instagenic LOL :p if you want many flavor in your martabak then you must order this. There are 6 flavor in this menu, Chocolate, Banana with Nutella, Strawberry Cheese, Green Tea, Oreo, also Cheese.


Mini Martabak (Green Tea Cheese, Ice Cheesebana, Mini Ovomaltine)





Mini martabak is for you that can’t eat too much sweetness in one time. It’s a martabak with smaller size and there are many flavor too. The size was very fit to 1 portion, and you can add some coffee too, then it’s perfect in evening. What we tasted is Green Tea Cheese, Ice Cheesebana, Mini Ovomaltine. Overall they are good delicious and also crunchy! We love the mini ovomaltine more.


Crispy Martabak Cheese



It’s martabak with a thin and thick size! It’s more crunchy then the other… ow so delicious and we love how the crunchy sound in our mouth. Inside is cheese and also chocolate too. This one maybe enough for 2 person.

Overall we love Marfee and how they made the Martabak, because sometimes we got tired how we have to que in the line while standing to get a martabak in the street or the other famous martabak in Bandung so it was nice to just sit and have a coffee while the martabak was made and then served on our table. So totally recommended to be pairing with a coffee or tea.



Martabak and Coffee Bar
📍 R. E. Martadinata Street No. 42, 2nd floor – Bandung
open daily: (tue-fri) 12-22; (sat-sun) 11-22
IG: @marfee_bdg
💰 price range: 5k – 110k