Audrey’s Scenic Dining Lembang


Look at the picture, isn’t it beautiful? adem banget ya liatnya dengan pemandangan alam pepohonan, beda banget sama di kota 😛

A new good cafe in Lembang has opened 😀  Highly recommended to you, as you know Lembang has a very good ambiance and scenery. A lot of cafe there has opened and try to sell their “scenery” but sometimes, yeah well some of them don’t have great taste of food. Kadang udah suasananya bagus, taunya makanannya biasa aja :((

 But dont worry foodjunkies, This cafe is totally recommended (as we said) so from the name, we know that it owned by Audrey. Who is she? She is one of Junior Masterchef Indonesia season 2 Finalist, she had good performance in the show and if you curious, and maybe you forget here the picture of here :



Remember her right? We watched some of the episode and see her while her cooking performance, so all the food in here is by her recipe and it definitely taste good, we have no worries in there.Jadi jangan kuatir kalau makanannya ga enak, udah dijamin sama chef Audreynya 😛

First, we talk about the look, the cafe was nice it has some Indonesia combination culture between authentic Javanese and Balinese, based on some ornaments, decorations especially when you first entered you can look by the door, it authentic Java. Really nice to spend in this cafe with family. Suasana ala tradisional Bali dan Jawa, cocok untuk acara keluarga juga nih disini, lokasinya sebenernya agak jauh sih di daerah pasa lembang tpi kalau ikutin google maps pasti sampe kok dan terbayar dengan suasana disana 😀




For young people, i think it’s a good place maybe you want add more good scenery or ootd picture on your instagram? This cafe has good spot as the background. Well, unfortunately when we go there, it was raining so the photo maybe not maximal. Iseng cek foto2 foodjunkies di Audrey eh kece2 banget disini banyak spot untuk fotofoto 😀 suasana tradisional juga bagus loh ga kalah sama yang modern2 minimalis.

If you want to enjoy the scenery, the nature you can stay on the outdoor space, they have some sofa too if you want to relax but back again because it’s raining so the “relax sofa” wasn’t there. Sayang ya ujan jadi pas kesana kita belum sempet foto2 di sofa relaxnya.

Moving on to the food,  we tasted some recommended food in here :


Iga Bakar Madu (Grilled Sweet Ribs)

Grilled ribs with great meat tender with sweet sauce pervasive, and sop companion whose contents potatoes and carrots. This is the recommended menu that made Audrey won one of Junior Masterchef Challenge. Enak parah nih, empuk dan andalan banget pantes aja menang challengenya !



Tahu Telor Surabaya

Big egg served with “Ketupat” its like rice cake and also sweet peanut sauce. Wow we think this is best food, that tofu, it’s huge guys, and when you split that tofu the look was really soft and then you pour that peanut sauce, DA BOMB, DELICIOUS 😀 enak dimakannya pas anget2, dipotong dan dilumerin sausnya, kalau bahasa sunda mah Endeusss euy!


Sate Lilit Tenggiri

This one is also their mainstay menu, it’s a satay with Tenggiri Fish, although it’s fish but the smell was great and we love the texture, it has 5 satay with some Balinese sauce called Sabal Matah. The fish was soft there is a little bit salty but it’s good and also spicy from that famous all the time sauce 😀 because actually this kind of satay looks like a twist fish in the satay, well known as Balinese famous food.


Ini kesukaan kita juga secara kampung halaman kita dari Bali, jadi kangen rumah 😀

Salad Audrey

Kalau mau yang sehat dan buat yang lagi mau diet nih, cobain ini : Special Fresh salad with Audrey ‘s, taste sweet, spicy, sour and fresh from fruit and vegetables. As the appetizer, it’s healthy and also fresh. There are fruits like carrot, pineapple, also basil peanuts and others. The sauce perfect 😀


Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

It’s no doubt that Oxtail Soup always a great food to relaxing your body, especially when the weather is cloudy and cold. Hot oxtail soup in Audrey? It’s delicious, maybe some oxtail soup will taste just so so and the meat thick and hard, but in here, the oxtail was so good, you can really taste all the spice in there. Recommended! The meat soft and well, it’s cooked by trusted and well known chef 😀




So this one for just a snack time, while you enjoy the weather there and that some picture, you can order this : 


 Gorengan yang satu ini emang udah wajib buat snack time ya sambil nunggu makanan berat dateng, atau lagi mau nongkrong aja disini.img_9447


Orange Blossom



Es Cincau (Cincau Ice)


Overall menurut kita ini cafe recommended banget dan buat di tempat kayak Lembang ini termasuk murah juga dan pewe, kadang cafe lain udah terlalu penuh dan rame udah gitu makanannya biasa aja, nah yang worth it dan ga nyesel ya disini dan 1 hal juga yang jadi bonus, presentasi dan penyajian makanan disini diperhatiin bgt dan cantik  😀


🚩Jln. Panorama indah kav a9 Lembang

  • Open 10.00 s/d 21.00 end 22.00

  • PRICE RANGE 10k-60k

  • WA +62 81802081081

  • Phone (022) 2784577


Instagram @audrey.scenicdining