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Strolling in Thailand: Some Unique Places Spotted!

Foodjunkies yang sudah baca cerita kita sebelumnya di Santorini Park, Thailand pasti tau ya bagaimana bagusnya tempat itu dan serunya bermain di sana. Tahun ini, kita senang banget bisa jalan-jalan untuk “Culinary Trip”… Continue reading


It’s been a while since we wrote about Cafe Instagramable in Bandung, and it turns out really hits! so many of you read about that, thank you so much 🙂 as you know… Continue reading

One Day in Santorini Park, Thailand

April 2017, as you know if you’re follow us on Instagram we went to Bangkok for some culinary trip and holiday. This time we will use full English so maybe people all around… Continue reading

BUFFET Makan Siang @ Dusun Bambu Leisure Park

 Happy Weekend All.. sudah hari Jumat aja nih waktunya refreshing otak dan membahagiakan perut dengan rencana jalan-jalan di weekend besok. Apa aja sih rencana kalian di weekend? Kalau kita ingin berbagi nih salah… Continue reading

Ankringan De Blankon, Tempat asik untuk Nongkrong & Foto with view kota BANDUNG

Have you seen our post about new cafe to hangout in Punclut ? Nah seperti yang udah kalian tau nih, kalau kalian nonton Youtube Channel kita, ada VLOG7 pas kita review di Ankringan… Continue reading

Purbasari “Authentic Sundanese Food” Lake Side View | Makan di Tepi Danau & The Resort.

Hi foodjunkies! we’re back again to Dusun Bambu because we do really enjoyed having time in here, and actually there are more than 1 cafe and restaurant here. The First one is Burangrang… Continue reading


Dusun Bambu is very popular recreation area in Bandung. Who doesn’t know Dusun Bambu? We’ve been here for a couple of times, every year there must be changes here from the increasing number… Continue reading

Visit Berlin & Hamburg, Germany

  Moving to Germany! After enjoyed the beautiful city of Amsterdam, this time we’ll tell you how about our experience in German. There are two cities that we visited here, Berlin and Hamburg.… Continue reading

Quick things to do in Amsterdam!

You must have seen our previous post about Delft, you can see how beautiful the city was, with all the buildings and views of the city. Well, Amsterdam is just as beautiful! In… Continue reading

H Gourmet & Vibes (Jakarta)

We have  heard that in this street, theres are a lot of cafes and restaurants with good food and a cozy place, but we feel that H Gourmet and Vibes is the most… Continue reading

Trip to BALI :D (Food, Beach, Hot Spring & Many More)

Hai semua 🙂 Seperti yang kalian tau, salah satu dari Cafe Resto Bandung tim memang ada yang berasal dari Pulau Dewata alias BALI, nah karena kali ini yang dibahas tentang bagaimana keindahan dan… Continue reading